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Embracing Every Opportunity

After many months of nervously awaiting their GCSE results, students in Year 11 were finally able to return to school to discover the reward for their years of hard work.  This year has been one like no other and it was a great relief to all that the infamous Ofqual algorithm was finally abandoned in favour of Centre Assessed Grades.

Our Year 11 students have once again done us all proud.  Not only have they coped with all the uncertainty of the pandemic but have gone on to triumph in their GCSEs, leaving them well-prepared and ready to embrace the challenges of A Levels and Level 3 BTEC qualifications.

Whilst headline data is not being published for schools this year, their individual successes should certainly be recognised. Amongst our cohort of 157 students, 13 managed to achieve straight 9-7 in every subject they sat.  What an incredible achievement, so well done to Emily Baron, Matthew Bentley, Lottie Gaylard, Zoe Iden, Maddie Lewis, Matilda Lysaght, Seamus McCormack, Daniel Sergeant, Saffron Taylor, Sofia Giannitti, Oscar Mason, James Murray-Brooks and Mabel Perceval. Lottie and Sofia pulled off the incredible feat of achieving a grade 9 in every subject they sat – what superstars!

David Carter, Executive Headteacher, commented “There have been many consequences of this global pandemic, including the cancellation of public examinations. This however should in no way take away from the achievements of these very special young men and women, who have worked so hard during their school careers. Their education is far more than just learning how to sit exams. No one can take away their love of learning, the knowledge and understanding acquired to date and the wonderful characteristics that make them the people they are today.  We couldn’t be prouder of them all.”

Mr Matt Bonner, Head of Year 11, said “It has been wonderful to see our students again after so many months away from school. It has been a tremendous privilege to be their head of year and witness them grow and develop into such kind, capable and compassionate individuals. Congratulations to them all on their results today”.

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GCSE Results 2020

Succeeding in adversity at SPH

Despite all the challenges of the last 6 months, as well as uncertainty and last-minute national announcements on exam gradings, students at SPH have triumphed and again achieved outstanding results.  In a year like no other, the resolve, positive mindset and determination of the students has shone through to lead to results which even surpass the successes of last year.

Whilst headline data is not being published for schools this year, individual successes should certainly be recognised. Before any appeal processes have been completed of the 97 Year 13 candidates at SPH, 11 students gained 3 or more straight A* or A grades and 36 achieved at least 1 A.  Those with straight A’s include; Richard Haughey (A*A*A*) who is off to study Mathematics at Durham University; Francesca Blondell (A*A*A*) who will study Theoretical Physics at Durham University; Anais Austen Stanley (A*A*AA) who is will study Modern and Medieval Languages at  Cambridge University; Sebastien MacDonald (A*A*A) who plans to study Mathematics and Physics at Warwick University; Ruby Ferrie (A*AA) who will study Biomedical Science at Lancaster University; Eloise Phillips (A*AA) who will study English at Exeter University; Charles Bush (A*AA) to study Ecology and Conservation at Southampton University; Phoebe Norman (AAA) to study Music at Bristol University.  Alex McAuley achieved A*AA and Ben Goman (AAAB) is off to study in America!


Year 12 students were also picking up their AS grades with Nia Edwards, Lucy Owen, Keelan Hollis and Mollie Finniear all achieving 4 straight A grades and Ben Lewis and Katherine Mak achieving 3 A grades.  Lisa Elliott sat some A Levels early as well as her AS exams and achieved a remarkable A*, A* and A.

Mr David Carter, Executive Headteacher, commented “We are reminded that education is so much more than just examinations and whilst this cohort have not had the opportunity to sit formal exams, it should not detract from the many years of hard work and effort they have put in and the amount they have learnt whilst at school.  These results are thoroughly deserved.  Students have also learnt many life-lessons this year which will hold them in very good stead for the future.  We are so proud of them all”.

Mrs Nesta McNeil, Head of Sixth Form, said “I am so pleased to witness the successes of this very special cohort of students and am excited about the new ventures which await them; whether that is in the world of work and apprenticeships or at University.  We wish them luck and look forward to charting their successes in the future.”

The Sixth Form at SPH is open to all students in the local area, regardless of whether they have previously studied at SPH or not. Those wishing to apply should go to the website, email or come visit the school September to enroll.

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Results Day 2

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