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Reporting a student´s absence
It is the parents´ responsibility to contact the school to report any absence. Please ring 01243 552055 and select option 1. We ask parents/carers to contact the school by 8.40am and expect to receive a phone call on each day of absence. The school cannot assume your child is still unwell without daily parental/carer contact.

Late Gate Policy
We expect all students to be in registration at 8.40am. Any student who is late without an acceptable reason will be issued with a 20 minute lunchtime detention on the day of lateness. Failure to attend will result in further sanctions.

Request for Absence in School Time (Withdrawal from Learning)
Please use our form located in the Useful Information section of this page

Requests for absence should be made by completing the ´Withdrawal from Learning Request` form above and returning it to the Attendance Officer at least two weeks before the planned absence.

Following amendments to the Education (Pupil Registration) (England) Regulations 2006, parents may not be granted leave of absence for their children unless there are exceptional circumstances.

If a withdrawal from learning is authorised and you keep your child away for longer than the period agreed, the additional time will normally be treated as unauthorised. Similarly, if you take your child away without prior written permission, this will be recorded as an unauthorised absence.

Absences for all students will only be authorised in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the Headteacher. If an absence is unauthorised you may be liable for a Fixed Penalty Notice.

These arrangements are made in accordance with the Education (Schools and Further Education) Regulations 1981 and guidance issued by the Department of Education, 'School Attendance : Policy and Practice on Categorisation of Absence'.

On return to school, your child will be issued with a ´catch up´ card and will be expected to complete all work missed to an appropriate standard within one week. The report will be signed by the teacher and Head of Year. Failure to comply may result in your child staying after school to complete missing work.

Fixed Penalty Notices (FPN)
Where a request for an absence to be taken during term time is refused, a letter will be sent advising that the holiday is unauthorised. Accruing 10 or more unauthorised absences (five or more days) may result in a Fixed Penalty Notice. A FPN is issued to each adult with parental responsibility, per child with an invoice for £120 and 28 days are given for you to settle the Penalty. If the FPN is paid within the first 21 days the amount payable is reduced to £60. This also applies for absences taken without a request for absence being received. Failure to pay a fine can ultimately lead to court action being taken.

In view of the recent publicity, please be aware West Sussex County Council stance over the use of FPN´s remains as it has always been. FPN´s will continue to be issued when a student has a minimum of 10 schools sessions recorded as unauthorised. A school day consists of two sessions, am and pm.

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