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The wide-ranging Enrichment program at St Philip Howard is an essential part of school life.

It has been designed to allow every student to find their niche to discover new talents and to broaden their interests.

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Enrichment 1

St Philip Howard want to test and challenge children in unexpected ways; to help them to develop creativity and resilience.
We aim to help young people learn about commitment, teamwork, to overcome difficulties and to manage themselves and their feelings. In order to develop these personal qualities and skills, there are many opportunities beyond the classroom in sport, music, performance, clubs and societies, which allow students to take responsibility, lead and volunteer. 
We are sure you will enjoy looking through the enrichment opportunities available to you, and are confident these will allow you to develop and excel as the excellent individual you are.

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Enrichment 2

Due to the current circumstances, we may need to utilise and adapt the enrichment program. Therefore, the current timetable is not a true reflection on what is usually available to our students. 

Mr Lumbard
Leader of Enrichment 
Teacher of PE

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Enrichment Timetable
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