Business Studies

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Our daily lives are shaped and influenced by the world around us. These days, that world is full of different types of organisations. How better to understand the world than to see it through the eyes of these business organisations?


Business studies looks at the internal workings of businesses, how they start, how they are run and managed and how the perform. As well as the external environment that all businesses operate in.


As a student of business, you will learn to think like a leader. This means you will become a problem solver, develop your analytical skills and be able to make effective judgements using evidence to support your choices. These are skills that can be used in a wide array of different futures and careers and are highly prized by universities and apprenticeships.


At SPH, we bring business to life by using real world examples that are current and relatable. We use a wide range of techniques, games, models and practices to make your lessons fun and engaging. We also run some amazing business related extra-curricular trips to New York and Harry Potter Studios!!

useful information
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