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“The Study of geography is more about places and maps.  It’s about understanding the complexity of our world, appreciating the diversity of cultures that exists across continents.  And in the end, it’s about using all that knowledge to help bridge divides, bring people together and solve problems.”  Barack Obama


Geography at SPH encourages pupils to make sense of their world, their role within it and how they can make a difference. We hope you enjoy learning Geography at SPH and the adventures that geography can take you on in life…


Through studying Geography, students develop knowledge, skills and understanding that will help them grow up in an increasingly complex world. Geography covers a wide range of topics between Year 7 and Year 13, from hazardous events to globalisation, from natural landforms to superpowers and from development to climate change. Geography also develops a range of highly desirable transferable skills that include research, enquiry, analysis, evaluation and decision making.


Classwork is supported by fieldwork whenever possible and this forms an important and stimulating part of our curriculum. The department run a range of visits including Swanage, Pulborough Brooks, Worthing, and more.


We are an innovative department and ensure that pupils are active learners, asking questions and seeking answers and considering viewpoints and scenarios.  Technology plays an important role in our classroom environment and we equip pupils with the skills to research effectively and learn geographically online.


Geography is a popular option at GCSE and A Level, examination results are excellent and for a number of students their Geography studies continue to university.  Geography continues to be one of the most employable courses that pupils can study due to the range of skills they learn for 21st Century work.  As a result, there is not really one career path for a geographer, however common careers involve: international business, environmental engineering, surveying, diplomacy, environmental and risk mapping, urban planning, international aid, travel and tourism and more.


We have many extra-curricular opportunities in geography including help with homework, revision, the Geography Club and Eco Club.  This allows students to have their voices heard on environmental issues and gives them the opportunity to tackle 

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