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The Science department at St Philip Howard believe it is crucial that students have the opportunity to understand and interpret the world around them. Our science curriculum is designed so that students develop and sustain curiosity, and a lifelong eagerness to learn. Studying science also ensures students become scientifically literate citizens who can make sense of reports on TV, radio, in newspapers and on the internet.


At KS3 we aim to foster a sense of awe and wonder in children, encouraging them to ask big scientific questions, and challenge their pre-existing ideas of the laws which govern the universe. We believe that practical inquiry is at the root of all good scientific study and have six fully equipped teaching labs and an array of scientific equipment for students to experience hands on learning opportunities. In studying biology, chemistry and physics we ensure students appreciate the fundamental principles of science whilst developing key analytical and evaluative skills.


At KS4 we offer pathways based on the AQA Separate Science curriculum (where three GCSEs are gained in biology, chemistry and physics) or the AQA Trilogy Science curriculum (where students still study biology, chemistry and physics, and gain two GCSEs). These courses are taught by subject specialists who seek to shape and refine students scientific thinking, encouraging children to reach and exceed their potential and develop informed scientific and ethical perspectives.

We also offer a broad range of options at KS5 with students having the opportunity to study A level Biology, Chemistry and Physics or BTEC Applied Science. These courses enrich students’ engagement and continue to foster a sense of inquisitiveness, whilst providing many with a stepping stone to higher education and career opportunities in science.


At St Philip Howard we value the importance of extracurricular opportunities outside of the curriculum. We run a popular KS3 science club and provide numerous trips and STEM opportunities for our KS4 and KS5 students such as: the Thorpe Park Physics Day, Engineering Days at Ricardo Racing, the Big Bang Fair at Ardingly, work experience at some of our local garden nurseries and the opportunity to become published in a scientific journal as part of the IRIS (Institute for Research in Schools) Whipworm Project. 

useful information
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