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Student Of The Month

Congratulations to the winners of 'Student of the Month' for January 2017
What the Heads of Year had to say about the students:
Bridget Martin 7Wi
For using her initiative, working hard, having exemplary manners and always helping others especially when some are struggling.
Liam Campbell 8Wi
Liam has been nominated by Mr Bonner for his work in music and by Mr Mitchell for his great work in Science.
Wiktoria Wydra 9Du
For excellent effort and attitude in subjects, as well as excellent progress in subjects displayed throughout the year. Excellent attendance too! Excellent!
Issy Vinton-Peters 10Cu
Issy is a valued member of the year group who has impressed both her form tutor and year leader: she is resilient during difficult times and has a fantastic positive outlook. Issy is always polite and pleasant to staff and students. In addition, Issy is conscientious and motivated and has made excellent academic progress.
Harry Hackett-Davis 11Ri
For such a positive and hardworking attitude toward his work and his future. Lots of positive comments from teachers around the school.
Stephen Real 12DE
For excellent work in subjects and helping others.
Gemma Poulter 13BI
Gemma is an absolute superstar! She is very hard-working and conscientious and continues to do well in all her subjects.

Congratulations to the winners of 'Student of the Month' for November 2016
What the Heads of Year had to say about the students:
Kai Edwards 7Ed
Kai has been an outstanding pupil, polite extremely hardworking and conscientious, always thinking of others and keen to be fully involved in school activities. He is great at sharing in tutor times and is always up to date with news. This month he also took part in a public speaking contest for the school alongside his sister.
Niamh Duggan 8Cu
Niamh played an instrumental part in helping SPH gain the World Class Schools´ Quality Mark.
Jamie Hiller 9Ri
Jamie has worked very hard, his effort is high for all subjects and he has made great progress.
Tyrone Tabing 10Ri
Tyrone has been nominated by his form tutor, Mr Kinal, for always helping out before school and during tutor time. Tyrone consistently volunteers himself to complete tasks and never says no. Tyrone is a friendly and positive student, who is well respected by his peers. He is a great example for all at St Philip Howard to follow.
Maddie Murtagh 11Ed
Maddie has been selected because she has made outstanding progress in all her subject areas.
Bibi Jones 12ED
Bibi has made an excellent start to sixth form.
Michael Turner 13HN
Michael always goes above and beyond in sixth form life. He is a committed member of the student leadership team for sixth form, volunteers for school events and works tirelessly with the music department supporting groups and events with them.

Congratulations to the winners of 'Student of the Month' for October 2016
What the Heads of Year had to say about the students:
Emma Zanger 7Ri
For settling in to SPH so brilliantly. Always kind, polite and delightful to be around. A fantastic role model for our can do attitude. Very well deserved Emma.
Lottie Gaylard 8Ed
Due to the amount of achievement points she has received across a number of subjects
Ben Lewis 9Cu
Ben has been fantastic. He has helped enormously with the World Class School Award, and following his work with the community last year, is unfailingly helpful and courteous. Mrs Baker has been keen to highlight his contribution, so I am glad to nominate him this month.
Erin Leal 10Cu
She has an excellent work ethic and has impressed her teachers this year with both her effort in class and work completed at home.
Erin consistently contributes to school life at SPH, recently nominating herself to represent her form and take part in the Great SPH Bake Off challenge.
Shane Fitzgibbon 11Cu
Continued consideration of others and has been very helpful at recent school events.
Nick Kabanas 12HN
Helped organise tutor assembly and excellent work in Music.
Rosie Edmondson 13BL
Rosie played a valuable and active role on the Rwanda trip. She challenged herself both mentally and physically when climbing to the top of a volcano as part of the trip.

Congratulations to the winners of 'Student of the Month' for September 2016
What the Heads of Year had to say about the students:
India Cleall 7Wi
India has always been willing to help, is not afraid to offer an answer and show others where to go when they are unsure. She has settled in extremely well and made a very positive contribution to her form. India is proving to be an excellent role model.
Maria Real 8Wi
For trying hard, and for wanting to check her understanding before moving on.
Holly Bullen 9Du
Holly has started Year 9 in a great frame of mind – showing a determination to succeed, and wanting to be doing the right thing.
Kate Brewer 10Cu
Kate is a very valued member of the school community; she is positive and always has words of encouragement for others. Kate has made a fantastic start to her GCSE course and her teachers have expressed how pleased they are with her effort and progress.
Kate consistently works hard and makes sure every task she is set is completed to a high standard. She is also a very talented musician and has represented the school on many occasions.
Murren Peskett 11Wi
Helping and supporting peers and staff around her and volunteering to help on open evening.
Lukasz Sacharczuk 12BI
Lukasz has been nominated for his outstanding effort at Durrington School Open Evening. Lukasz was able to speak to lots of perspective parents and students informing them on life at SPH sixth form.
Adele Clayden 13KJ
Adele is an asset to her year group, a kind and committed student who has worked hard so far on her A2 courses as well as gaining additional work experience to further boost her application to UCAS. Adele also gave up her free time to support the sixth form in a role as student ambassador at a promotional event.

Congratulations to the winners of 'Student of the Month' for July 2016
What the Heads of Year had to say about the students:
Alexandra Murtagh 7Du
Alexandra is always happy, supportive of her friends, tries her very best and is extremely polite.
Luci Hornsby 8Ri
For settling in seamlessly, being consistently conscientious and hardworking. Luci has also befriended another student who was feeling low and isolated and they have become good friends. Luci has taken up the SPH baton and definitely run with it. Great stuff Luci.
Luke Namadila 9Du
he is an asset to his form, and to St Philip Howard . Luke is also always willing to take on new challenges, even if they are outside of his comfort zone- he has welcomed new students, given tours and recently did a fantastic job presenting a quiz during his end of year assembly.
Luke is very polite and hardworking, which is often noted by teachers and feedback to me. Last week, a teacher covered Luke's class and commented on how well he worked and that he had great focus.
May Lewis 10Ed
For being amazingly helpful.

Congratulations to the winners of 'Student of the Month' for June 2016
What the Heads of Year had to say about the students:
Daniel Simmons 7Ed
Daniel is working extremely hard. He is a very polite and respectful young man.
Georgia Hunt 8Wi
For her dedication to form assemblies and always being ready to help and include others. Georgia shows great maturity and always rises to any challenge she is given with enthusiasm. Well deserved.
Holly Donohoe 9Wi
Holly is consistently positive in lessons and is a friendly presence around school. She is also very helpful and kind to her peers, something that has been noticed by many members of staff and students. Holly is always enthusiastic and tackles difficult tasks and situations with an impressive can-do attitude.
Ben Peach 10Ed
Ben is a very willing and helpful young man. He is very kind to his peers and is always welcoming and friendly to new members of his class.

Congratulations to the winners of 'Student of the Month' for May 2016
What the Heads of Year had to say about the students:
Dillon Birch 7Ri
He is a very polite, well-mannered student and is always extremely helpful to staff and considerate of his peers. He is a determined young man and represents the school in a number of sports. Well done Dylan!
Joao Silva 8Ri
Joao has been a real asset to his form group and has shown great enthusiasm and commitment to their tutor based projects. He has been consistently helpful and really grown in confidence of late. He has been a pleasure to have in form.
Paige Leggatt 9Wi
Paige is a hardworking student who consistently completes tasks set to a high standard and takes pride in her progress and work. Paige is exceptionally kind and considerate towards others. Just one example of this is that she has recently cut and donated her hair for charity (The Little Princess Trust) and has raised over £100 already. She is a fantastic example to others.
James Ayling 10Ed
James is hardworking, very committed to school life and is always very welcoming to new students.

Congratulations to the winners of 'Student of the Month' for April 2016
What the Heads of Year had to say about the students:
Oscar Mason 7Cu
Oscar is a fantastic ambassador for the school. He also wrote a wonderful poem for the Chichester District Rotary Poetry Competition and achieved a very well deserved third place.
Katrina Gaynor 8Ed
For being quietly perfect as a tutee! She never puts a foot wrong, always does everything on time and well and always with a smile. She is also working hard on learning her lines for a play she is in demonstrating her commitment and mature attitude to working with others. A delightful member of the form.
Poppy Longland 9Ri
Poppy has a fantastic outlook on life-she always looks for the positive in any situation and strives to do her best. Also, she is very encouraging and kind to others and is keen to help anyone in need. Poppy sets an excellent example for other students to follow.
Katherine Greenway 10Du
Katherine got full marks on her last RE test and is always just an all-round legend in her form group. Mrs Williams has also been singing her praises for her drama work.
Laikeah McElligott 11Ed
She is always polite, extremely hard working and has made huge progress during her time at SPH. She is also a very good friend to her peers.
Natasha Bowles 12JD
Natasha has participated in two charity events and raised over £500 for Cancer Research. She organised a cake sale in the Sixth Form Centre and more daringly, recently completed an exhilarating tandem skydive.
Elizabeth Holmes 13TH
For the tremendous effort Elizabeth has put into her A2 and AS English Literature coursework. Elizabeth has worked tirelessly on drafts and her achievement is amazing. Her hard work and determination has really paid off, very well done!

Congratulations to the winners of 'Student of the Month' for March 2016
What the Heads of Year had to say about the students:
Kyle O'Brien 7Wi
Kyle has worked hard, engaged with feedback from his teachers and has impressed enormously with his progress recently.
Lucy Edgington 8Ri
Lucy has been involved in a lot of areas across tutor time, in school as a whole such as BBC reporting with 8ED. Lucy did a wonderful job helping a new student settle in at a difficult time in the year and is consistently a confident, courteous, punctual, friendly student who deserves recognition. Lucy was the joint winner of the reward points from our form rewards board for the Spring Term to Easter.
Callum Beaven 8Wi
Callum for always volunteering to read morning prayer, being kind and considerate, and always cheerful. Delightful student to have in school.
Callum Mackay 9Ed
Callum has a resilient nature and consistently positive outlook. Also, Callum has made excellent progress across all subject areas and is working hard to exceed his targets.
Jack Walsh 10Ri
Improved attendance in the spring term.
Prentice Smith 11Wi
Prentice is working extremely hard, very supportive of his peers and is a genuinely nice person.
Hannah Farrant Year 12
Hannah has a really good work ethic and is putting in a lot of effort and commitment to her studies.

Congratulations to the winners of 'Student of the Month' for February 2016
What the Heads of Year had to say about the students:
Madeline Hallam 7Ed & Dominyka Kisieliute 7Du
These students are kind, thoughtful and responsible young adults who demonstrated maturity beyond their years after spotting a fellow student was having difficulties and alerting a member of staff so that the right support could be put in place.
Katherine Taylor 8Du
For continuously being a model student. Always on time with correct equipment, planner signed etc etc. Delightful, polite and helpful in form. Excellent role model, well deserved.
Henry Poulter 9Cu
Henry´s hardworking attitude, progress and effort is evident across all subjects. In addition, Henry has welcomed a new student into his form and has demonstrated exceptional kindness and patience. He is an asset to the school, both in terms of his attitude towards work and his treatment of others.
Phoebe Mahoney 10Ri
For making the most progress in the year group in last interim report.
Alfie Davies 11Du
Alfie is a hard worker, supportive student and friend, determined to achieve; he is a kind and caring person. He has also recently been selected for Harlequins Academy. Well done, Alfie!
Ralph Pauling Year 12
Ralph is working extremely hard and making very good progress in Physics and Photography.
Megan Worne Year 13
Megan has shown great resilience, determination and attitude towards her studies.

Congratulations to the winners of 'Student of the Month' for January 2016
What the Heads of Year had to say about the students:
Emily Mortley 7Du
Emily is such a polite, hardworking young lady. She has thrown herself into life at SPH and has impressed all staff with her courage and determination.
Eloise Chaney 8Cu
Eloise continues to be an absolute delight. She looks out for everyone in the tutor group is helpful and actively asks if there are any jobs that can be done, she is just delightful, and always extremely polite and happy! She is an excellent role model for her peers and ambassador for the school.
Charles Bush 9Wi
This is because of his conscientious attitude towards work and learning. Across all subjects, he produces high quality pieces of work that goes above and beyond what he has been asked to do. Also, Charles is very involved with the spiritual community at St Philip Howard, regularly reading and involving himself in mass and assemblies.
Max Molyneaux 10Wi
Max has been selected to play for the U15 Sussex rugby team.
Phoebe Raven 11Cu
She is working extremely hard, and since arriving at SPH, she has so far exceeded all expectations. Phoebe is very polite and respectful of staff and peers.
Shannon Glenister Year 12
Shannon always fully immerses herself in community life at SPH. This was recently highlighted at a reception and Mass held for one of our students.
Jessica Carter Year 13
Jessica works extremely hard and this resulted in her achieving excellent mock results.

Congratulations to the winners of 'Student of the Month' for December 2015
What the Heads of Year had to say about the students:
Noah Croucher 7Ri
Noah has thrown himself into life at SPH, working extremely hard and is always bright and cheerful, he is a very positive person who inspires those around him.
Lucy Owen 8Du & Alyssa Castillo 8Cu
Both Lucy Owen and Alyssa Castillo have been running the year 8 spelling activities. These two girls where given the challenge of taking over from Mrs MacDonald's year 7 programme and rose to it immediately. They have been organising and creating activities - liaising with departments on Key words and distributing the powerpoints and resources to all my tutor groups each week. They have been outstanding in their effort, commitment and delivery. All the staff involved have been extremely impressed.
Shannon Panechou 9Wi
Shannon is a talented writer and is an important member of Journalism Club. She has shown initiative and drive, researching and creating her own articles. Her enthusiasm for writing has meant she is already considering work experience options and career paths; it is refreshing to meet a student who is so focused on her future
Brajan Baranski 10Ri
Brajan has settled into life at SPH very well. He has an excellent attitude and this has led him to being one of the highest progressing students in the year group for last half terms report.
Jacob Worne 11Cu
Jacob works incredibly hard, he is focused and determined and this has had a positive impact on his friendship group and beyond.

Congratulations to the winners of 'Student of the Month' for November 2015
What the Heads of Year had to say about the students:
Zoe Iden 7Ri
Zoe is a very hard worker. She is always happy and willing to help out as well as being conscientious and supportive to others.
Keighley Horstead 8Ri
Keighley has been a continuous asset to the form. Compassionate, caring, helpful - nothing is too much trouble. She is conscientious, polite and a pleasure to be around.
Veronika Buckwell 9Du
Veronika's behaviour and attitude is consistently positive- in the class room and around school. She is always kind and welcoming to others, and is a fantastic friend. I have also been impressed with Veronika's contribution to our school's spiritual life; she always volunteers to read in masses and assemblies and is keen to share her faith.
Liam Taylor 10Ri
For a real mature approach to his studies, supporting his peers in lessons and asking for additional work to complete.
Toby Banister 11Cu
He is working extremely hard, honest, respectful and polite.
Michael Thomas 13JD
Will be shaving off his hair to fundraise for the 'Piam Brown Oncology Unit' at Southampton Hospital.
Josh Ezard 13JD
Will be shaving off his hair to fundraise for the 'Piam Brown Oncology Unit' at Southampton Hospital.

Congratulations to the winners of 'Student of the Month' for October 2015
What the Heads of Year had to say about the students:
Luke Roberts 7Du
He served beautifully in the Year 7 mass.
Emma Farley 8Wi
For always being polite, helpful, hardworking and 100% attendance. One of those students who slips under the radar because they quite simply do what is asked of them. Well deserved.
Alex McAuley 9Cu
Because his progress this year has been staggering. Already he is working at either expected or above expected progress across every subject. Alex puts a great deal of effort and care into his work, taking care with both the quality of his writing and presentation. Alex is also a very social and supportive member of his year.
Alexandra Napper 10Cu
For an outstanding interim report in all subject areas.
Mollie Embleton 11Ed
Mollie has started Year 11 with tremendous focus, she is working hard and applying herself in all her subjects.
Kathryn McKrill 12TH
For her outstanding attitude to learning
Emma Last 13TH
For her attitude to her learning and passion for excellence

Congratulations to the winners of 'Student of the Month' for September 2015
What the Heads of Year had to say about the students:
Rachel Thompson 7Wi
For being such a cheerful student, always polite to staff and for making such a promising start at SPH.
Luke Jose 8Ed
This is for 100% attendance and making a new pupil feel welcome and settled so quickly.
Ryan Darwen 9Ri
Ryan is very kind and caring of his peers, making sure every member of his class is included. He is particularly welcoming to new students. Ryan is a great example to others: he is a fantastic sportsman, with special talents in football and table-tennis, works hard and is conscious to include everyone.
Dylan Bhopal-Myers 10Ri
Dylan has made an excellent start to Year 10. He has a fantastic attitude and has achieved the most achievement points in his year group.
Ben Woodburn 11Ed
He has made a very positive start, works very hard and has also made a new student to the year group very welcome. Ben is also very responsible and reliable Prefect.
Adele Clayden 12
Adele has fully immersed herself into life at SPH Sixth Form. She was a wonderful ambassador for the school at a recent Sixth Form Open Evening.
Jess Daley 13
Jess helped out at our recent Open Evening and was a fabulous tour guide.

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