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Special Educational Needs

The Inclusion Department within St Philip Howard prides itself on trying to encourage all students to realise their potential and achieve success. We work with students who have SEN in Literacy, Speech and Language, ASD, Dyspraxia and Dyslexia. In addition we assess, monitor and teach our EAL students and Gifted and Talented students. There are a range of courses provided for the latter. We also work closely with all Heads of Year and the Learning Mentor to monitor and support the improvement of behavioural and pastoral issues, We work closely with a number of external agencies to ensure that support is available not just for the student but the whole family and teaching staff whenever this is required.

Study Skills
Where it is felt that a student may benefit from a reduced curriculum in order to consolidate their learning across other curriculum subjects, the school will consider a student taking a course based on the development of study skills.

Study Skills is designed specifically to meet the needs of students with Special Educational Needs. It is part of their planned provision. It enables staff and students to focus on individual needs with particular emphasis on skills needed to access GCSE subjects and achieve an improved level of success. There are no exams in this subject so students have more time to cope with demands of other subject areas and can be supported with homework and coursework.

Tuition aims to be in small groups to ensure that each student achieves progress in their specific area of difficulty. In Year 10 and 11 the focus is on improving the ability of students to access and use verbal and non-verbal information in a variety of contexts. In addition, literacy, language and social skills are developed.

aenInclusion and our EAL Students
Students who have English as an additional language are invited to attend support sessions in the Inclusion Suite and we are pleased to say that the groups have started on their English Competency certificates and are making excellent progress. The work is differentiated and relates to the English scheme of work. Additional support is also offered in other subject areas where needed or requested.

Step Ahead
Step Ahead is an occupational therapy programme which is aimed at helping students with Dyslexia and Dyspraxia. The course lasts 8 weeks and students attend 4 sessions per fortnight. The aim of the programme is to concentrate on fine motor skills such as handwriting and gross motor skills which are aimed at improving balance and movement. The pupils have access to the Wii and a varied selection of equipment.

Speech and Language
Speech and Language work is undertaken in small groups or with individuals. In these sessions the students look at the way in which language is used to infer meaning. The students have the opportunity to explore the language used in texts they are studying. The students also work on their verb tenses, active listening and sequencing information skills.

Emotional Literacy
The Emotional Literacy programme helps students develop social skills they need in school and in the real world. Students may have confidence issues, low self esteem, and friendship or anger issues and are invited to take part in group activities such as role plays, discussions and creative projects and independent self reflection. These sessions aim to highlight the students more positive qualities, helping them to understand any issues they face with a strong emphasis on empathy towards others.

Gifted and Talented
This programme ensures that gifted and talented students are given access to opportunities which will challenge their abilities. Enrichment courses are made available from the West Sussex Enrichment Programme for Very Able (Gifted and Talented) Pupils and our students are encouraged to attend these on a regular basis.

To help the students with decisions about their future, Taster Days to Oxford and Cambridge are offered to those in Year 10 and sixth form.

Students working with the Inclusion team have reported that they find the help really useful, and enjoy and appreciate the support they gain from the department. All our students take GCSE exams, many exceeding their target grades. Several also take part in college courses in years 10 and 11.

We like to do to get the best from our students and do so by working closely with parents, teaching staff, outside agencies and of course the students themselves.


Contact Us

The Bosco Trust, at:
St Philip Howard Catholic School
Elm Grove South
West Sussex
PO22 0EN

Telephone: 01243 552 055
Fax: 01243 552 900
Email: office@sphcs.co.uk